Performance Packages.

Complimentary Analysis


We’ll do a complimentary deep dive analysis of your website’s performance and report back to you on our findings.

Minify & Combine


By removing things in your code such as line breaks, comments and unnecessary white space we are able to speed up your site. This also includes combining multiple CSS and JS files into fewer files.

Optimize Images


Let us set up an image optimization plugin for you so you can focus on writing quality content.

GZip Compression


We’ll help you enable GZIP compression on your site so that file sizes served from your site are super small.

Google Amp


Be ready for July’s speed update from Google. We’ll set up your site with Google Amp plugin so that your mobile pages will be lightning fast and setup to rank higher in search.

Caching Setup


We’ll setup W3 Total Cache for you and optimize it to work with your site.

Plugin Optimization


We’ll take a look at what plugins you are using and help you remove the ones you are not using. We’ll also look for opportunities to improve current plugin configurations.

Progressive Web App


Combine the best of a website and an app with a progressive web app. Boost performance and get the best of both worlds.

Get a free complimentary WordPress performance analysis.